UK Bloggers Share Their Best Money Making Tips

I’m not saying that making lots of money is the way to live your best life. But financial security will definitely help you to live the life you want. I’ve been blogging about money for years over on But for this post I’ve asked some of the UK’s best bloggers to share their best money making tips! Keep reading for lots of ways to boost your finances, side hustle inspiration and career advice.

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Elysia: Find your passion and use it

”I do photography and I’ve used it to make money. Put yourself out there and show people what you can do. Once you’ve done this, start to charge a little a first, then build up your business” – Elysia from Becoming Elysia

Whatever your passion, it’s worth exploring it further. What might be something you enjoy in your spare time could turn out to be your future dream career.

Helen: Never Quit

“Always try. Making money can appear so elusive, but so very many people seem to excel at it. Find your drive and your passion, let it ignite your dreams.” – Helen from Parenting Fails And Pigtails

Sam: Sell Your Unwanted Items

“Most people would be surprised by how much money they can make by selling unwanted items they have lying around their home! Try doing a wardrobe clear out once every few months. Be harsh – if you haven’t worn something in the past 6 months, are you likely to wear it again? Stick anything of value on Depop or eBay. If you sell 20 items making an average £2.50 per item, that’s £50 in your pocket.” – Sam from Griff Blog

There are lots of platforms you can use to sell your old unwanted items. Depop and eBay are particularly good for clothes (especially branded clothes). Facebook marketplace and gumtree are other free-to-use, local alternatives.

Nell: think long-term

“Whether that’s turning down work that doesn’t fit with your brand so that you’ll make more from targeted and high quality work in the future, or investing in your business now so that you can make money in the future. It’s hard not to take quick-cash opportunities, but thinking long term will earn you more money overall.” – Nell from Adventures With Nell

Try to strike a good balance between living for today but planning for tomorrow. If you’re able to save money each month without it drastically impacting your quality of life – do it! Your future self will thank you for that side business, savings account or pension.

Inma: Diversify

“Diversify not only your sources of income but also which industries you work on if possible. Covid19 taught us putting all your income sources in one basket (ie. travel) could not be the smartest thing to do after all.” – Inma from A World To Travel

Diversifying your income is a one way route to financial security. If you have multiple sources of income and one of them is affected by an unexpected event, you still have the other source of income to keep you afloat.

Claire: Don’t become complacent

“Another employer might be seeking your skills and pay at a higher rate. Self development is also really important, I’m always looking for ways to strengthen my knowledge in my field and looking for new courses for new qualifications.” – Claire from Me And Mine

Rebecca: Don’t ever think anything is beneath you

“There are so many opportunities to make money that some people would never even consider – online surveys, dog walking, invigilating. But so many people think they’re too good for certain things and miss out on the opportunity to make money” – Rebecca from I Always Believed in Futures

If you what to make money, the harder you work the more likely it is to happen. When saving for a deposit on my home I accepted ever opportunity I got to work, including cleaning student houses!

Georgia: Invest In Yourself

“For me, investing in university to open avenues for higher paid roles was my best route.“ – Georgia from Brit Voyage

University can be great for improving your career prospects, offering you the chance to network with like-minded people and proving career mentoring. But investing in yourself isn’t limited to formal education, take the opportunity to teach yourself a new skill, learn a new language or conduct your own research. Potential employers want to see that you can self motivate.

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I’d like to say a big thank you to the UK Bloggers that offered their best money making tips. Do you have a tip for earning more money? Please share them in the comments below.

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