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Money can either hold us back from, or allow us to do the things we want in life. So earning money in your spare time is a great option for adding to your fun fund. I’ve been blogging about earning money for the past 3 years at beemoneysavvy.com. In that time I’ve come across lots of interesting and effortless ways to earn money. Here are my favourite ways to earn money in my spare time.

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EARN CASHBACK Every time You Shop

If you regularly shop online you can earn significant money with cashback! My favourite cashback site is TopCashback, I’ve earned over £700 by shopping through their website. Earning cashback is simple. Visit the retailer through the TopCashback website, do your shopping as normal; the cashback site earns a commission for referring you to the retailer, they then give this commission back to you!

Use Cashback to pay off your phone bill

Download the Airtime Rewards app for automated cashback when you sop at selected retailers. Sign up (use code D4E3EPAA for a sign-up bonus), link your payment card to the app, and start earning cashback at Wilko’s, Argos, Boots and more! You can use your Airtime rewards cashback to pay off your monthly phone bill.

Credit Card and bank REWARDS PROGRAMS

Doing a bit of research to find out which credit cards and banks have the best rewards programs is a great way to make money when you spend money. My credit card offers me points towards amazon vouchers, and my bank offered me £150 for switching to them. There is a whole range of cashback incentives that credit card companies and banks offer.

Sign up to Curve to double your rewards! Load your credit or debit card onto the Curve app and they will offer 1% cashback on selected retailers on top of your existing bonus!


Add Gener8 to your browser to earn tokens for every ad you see as you browse the internet. Usually, when you see an advert while browsing the internet a brand is paying money to have it promoted. In most cases, this money goes to the website or search engine displaying the ad. Instead, Gener8Ads pays you.

I’ve had the browser extension on my PC since February 2019. In that time, I’ve won a £100 cash prize, claimed several amazon gift cards, and raised over £20 for good causes!


UpVoice anonymously collect data about the ads you see on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, or any other participating sites. They then reward you with Amazon e-gift cards once you’ve collected enough points.

Earn Money with UpVoice

Complete Surveys on Your Daily Commute

Completing surveys in your spare time is a great way to earn a little extra cash. There are lots of different survey websites and apps but here are my top 5 for surveys you can complete on the go.

  • Swagbucks (website and app) – earn money completing various tasks as well as surveys, download the app and install the web browser to increase your earnings. Earn more by completing the daily goals.
  • Voxpopme (app) – this is a video survey app. Get paid to answer questions in video format. Cash out via PayPal when your earnings are above £10.
  • Prolific (website) – full of interesting academic surveys. Get paid bonuses for paying attention and take part in logical questionnaires and games.
  • Attapoll (app) – complete quick surveys on your phone. Cash out via PayPal when your earnings are above £3.
  • Curious Cat (app) – Offers lots of quick surveys for you to complete on your phone. Cash out via PayPal once you’ve earned £1.

I regularly use all 5 of these survey apps/websites. I make between £25-£50 a month taking part in surveys during my commute, dinner break or during the adverts of my favourite TV shows.

Refer Your Friends to Services You Enjoy

Lots of companies offer referral programmes where you can earn a reward for inviting someone to sign up for a particular service. I’ve earned £100’s by inviting my friends to sign up to services that offer these referral programmes. Here are some example referral programmes that you can regularly earn money from:


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What other effortless ways do you earn money? I’d love to know your top recommendations for earning extra cash on the go. Let me know in the comments section below.

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