Fun Ideas for a Virtual Birthday Party

This year has been a bear for everyone with quarantine, stay at home orders, and social distancing. Almost everything has found a way to become a virtual version of itself, and birthday parties are no exception. Although it’s been really difficult to meet up with friends and family, people have gotten creative with ways to host get-togethers and celebrations. Here are some of the ways that you can have some fun and enjoy a virtual birthday party. 

toddler on a white dress with balloons

Virtually Paint Together

Paint and sips have been all the rage for a few years now, and converting these events to a virtual platform like Zoom is a fun way to spend time with people while socially distancing. There are YouTube videos, online classes, and even old Bob Ross videos on Netflix that can fill the time and create a fun-filled night with acrylics and wine. 

Hire a Musician to Perform Over Zoom

Since gathering in groups is not currently permitted in most places, a live music concert over Zoom might be a great option. Not only would you be able to book a musician for your own private event online, but you’d be helping someone in the music industry continue to work during a time when they likely aren’t getting the income they once were.

Find Group Games to Play Online

Online games and apps have been around for some time, but now you can take them to a new level with a birthday celebration of playing a game online. You and your friends can connect on Zoom and either play a trivia game like QuizUp or maybe even a drinking game to loosen everyone up. 

Have a Dance Party

Who doesn’t love a good dance party to lift spirits, especially during a trying time such as this one? According to an article on WTOP News, virtual dance parties have been proven to improve many people’s health and wellness during this pandemic. Not only can you celebrate your birthday in style, but you can help everyone feel a little more connected and better during this difficult year. Everyone can get on Zoom and take turns selecting songs. 

Create a Virtual Brunch

Going out for brunch has traditionally been a good way to celebrate birthdays, but with the new normal of living with covid-19, this is another activity that has gone virtual. While it’s not the same as going out to a sit-down restaurant, it can be just as fun to bring your own omelet and glass of champagne to a Zoom call with some of your besties. 

Host a Netflix Party

Netflix has a new feature where a group of people in separate locations can all join in and watch the same movie together. When one person’s screen pauses, everyone’s screen also pauses. Although this might be a little less conventional than gathering with friends in-person to share popcorn and candy, this is the next best option. Thanks to all the technology out there, it’s possible to chat and watch films at the same time, which could be a great way to celebrate your birthday virtually.

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