Ways To Make Your Home more Comfy

The times in my life where I truly think to myself that I am living my best life are either during an adventure or while I relax. If your adventure is being limited by your time, finances or something else (like a national lockdown for example) then you might want to consider how you can improve your relaxation time.

For me, making sure that I have plenty of spaces in my home that are comfy is an important part of relaxing. Thanks in part to hygge, the Danish concept of coziness and contentment that’s made its way into the mainstream, comfy pieces are easy to come by. Here are some easy ways to make your home more comfy.

Ways to make your home more comfy

Natural Light

The amount of natural light filtering into a room can’t will instantly increase how inviting that room is. Rooms without this light can feel dark, depressing and small. Keep your windows uncovered, clean and clutter free to let natural light in.


A soft ottoman is a perfect way to make your living room feel more cozy and warm. Not only that, they are also highly practice; they are great to rest your feet on, many come with storage options and with the addition of a tray they can serve perfectly as a coffee table.

Add Throw Blankets

A throw blanket adds texture, color, and warmth. Having a blanket nearby will instantly make guests feel more at home. Bonus: having a blanket on hand when you’re cuddled up on the sofa, chair or in bed is guaranteed to improve comfort.

Drape a throw across the back of your sofa, or neatly fold a few in a floor basket in your living room.

display photos that make you happy

Personal touches are what makes a house a home, and nothing does that quite as well as family photos. Print your photos regularly and display your favourites. Style with frames.

Light it up

Aim for soft background lighting preferably with ceiling fittings that are dimmable. Candles are great for creating a cosy (and great smelling) atmosphere.

Floor lamps ensure that each seating area has plenty of light for reading or other relaxing evening activities.

Another option is a wood-burning stove; add warmness and a cozy glow.

A comfy rug

With tile and wooden floors increasing in popularity, add a rug to warm up a cold floor. Rugs add texture, warmth, and color to a room, but the most important quality in a rug is how soft it feels on your feet.

Layer with pillows and cushions

Add color and warmth to sofa, chair or bad by introducing brightly colored or patterned pillows! Make sure they’re super comfy as well.

Get the temperature RIGHT

Maintaining the right temperature in your home is crucial to your comfort levels. Here are some ways you can keep the heat in:

  • Windows – if theres a draught coming form them it might be time to replace them with double- or triple-glazed units.
  • Floorboards – if they are draughty from below fill the gaps with flexible filler or covering the floor with a room-sized rug
  • Radiators – Individual thermostats enable you to adjust each room’s temperature when needed.
  • Doors – invest in a draught excluder. Make sure it matched the colour scheme of the room to add to the look and feel of the room.

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3 thoughts on “Ways To Make Your Home more Comfy”

  1. Love this! Totally agree that natural lighting is the best, nothing worse than a dark room, it’s always so inviting when it’s bright and light. Great post xx

  2. One of the biggest coziness factors for me is natural light! We only ever use the overhead light in the kitchen and use lamps in everything other room. Throw blankets everywhere is also another great tip!

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