List of 50+ Random Acts of Kindness

The term “random act of kindness” is attributed to Anne Herbert who wrote the popular precept “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”. The term refers to selfless acts, both large and small, that are pursued with no apparent ulterior motive.

Being generous is a great way to make you feel better about yourself as well as helping other people. So today I’m offering you some ideas on how you can be more generous. Here is a list of 50+ random acts of kindness.

Post it with be kind written on it

Acts of Everyday kindnesS

  1. Donate blood. You can give blood every 12-16 weeks and can donate platelets every 2 weeks. Find your local donor centre and sign up for an appointment.
  2. Send a care package to someone in need. Maybe a friend is going through a hard time or a family member has received some bad news. You could make them a hamper of treats to cheer them up for example.
  3. Pay someone’s bill. See someone’s card get declined? Offer to pay the bill for them.
  4. Become an organ donor. Register to donate your organs and make sure your family know about your wish.
  5. Run an errand for a neighbour. Offer to pick up some essentials for them next time you head to the shop because you’re making the trip regardless.
  6. Donate to a food bank. Next time you go grocery shopping pick up an extra pack of rice or pasta (or claim free food) to donate to a food bank.
  7. Download the DreamLab app. Subsequently, every time your phone is on charge and connected to the internet, you’ll be powering cancer research. 
  8. Donate unwanted books. You can donate to libraries or hospitals for instance.
  9. Cook for someone. You could cook for a neighbour, elderly relative or partner.
  10. Switch to an ethical bank. Make sure that your money isn’t being used to invest in war, exploitation and non-renewable energy by switching to an ethical bank.
  11. Share your favourite recipe. Let your friends and family in on that secret ingredient.
  12. Leave a tip. Experienced great service? Leave the server a tip to say thank you.
  13. Plant a tree when you search the web. Search the web using Ecosia to plant trees in Africa.
  14. Notice when someone is interrupted. Be the person that brings the conversation back to someone who is interrupted.
  15. Donate your hair. To donate your hair, it has to be long and in good condition. The Princess Trust ask for at least 7 inches (about 17 cm) of hair.
  16. Grow your own food. Be kind to the planet and grow your own fruit, veg and herbs.
  17. Help the homeless. Offer to buy the homeless a warm drink on a cold day.
  18. Adopt a dog or cat. Open your heart and home to a rescue animal.
  19. Register to donate bone marrow. Find out how blood stem cell donation works and register with DMKS as a potential donor.
  20. Save a dying bee. A simple solution of sugar and water can revive an exhausted bee.
  21. Give up your seat. See someone less mobile standing when you have a seat on the bus? Offer it to them.
  22. Volunteer. Find a volunteering opportunity in your local area. There are tons of charities that could benefit from your time.
  23. Donate unwanted items. During your next declutter, collect some items to donate to your local charity shop.
  24. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Remember to check in on friends who have lost a parent because this will be a tough day for them.
  25. Use Amazon Smile. Support a charitable organisation by shopping at Amazon via Consequently, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to your chosen charity.
  26. Put your spare change in a collection pot. Most supermarkets have a collection pot, give away your spare change if you can.
  27. Offer to do a chore you don’t usually do. Do the laundry, wash the pots, give the car a wash, vacuum the hallway.
  28. Write a book or film review. Recommend to a friend so that they can enjoy the book or film too.
  29. Invest ethically. Chose to invest in clean water, green energy and equality education with Tickr. Additionally, when you open a Tickr account with promo code emmaj8874 (on the very first page) and get a £10 free investment 2 trees planted in your name.
  30. Offer to dog walk or pet sit. Help a neighbour by walking the dog or offering to check on their car while they’re away.
  31. Send flowers. Buy your partner or friend a bunch of flowers to let them know that you’re thinking about them.
  32. Let someone jump the queue. If you’re not in a rush let the person behind you skip you in the queue.
  33. Keep an extra umbrella. Lend it to someone when it rains.
  34. Adopt an animal from an endangered species. Chose the animal you’d like to adopt at You can also adopt a whale or dolphin via
  35. Sign a petition. Create or sign a petition on the website. At 10,000 signatures you get a response from the government, however, at 100,000 signatures your petition will be considered for a debate in Parliament.
  36. Write a positive message. Leave someone a post-it on their desk or write a letter to someone you appreciate for instance.
  37. Stay off your phone to raise money for charity. The Hold App rewards you with points for staying off your phone. You can donate £3 a week to a mental health charity.
  38. Support a local business. Choosing to shop locally and support small businesses reduces your impact on the environment, supports your local economy and helps keep a small business owner afloat.
  39. Create an advent calendar for a friend. You could include their favourite treats, meaningful letters or self care goodies. Karalee shares ideas in her homemade advent calendar.
  40. Sign up to EasyFundraising. By signing up to EasyFundraising you can raise money for your preferred charity every time you shop online. 
  41. Learn names. Learn the names of your office security guard, the person at the front desk and other people you see every day. Greet them by name and with a smile.
  42. Share your skills. Do you have a talent that others would love to learn? Offer to teach them.
  43. Become an Age UK digital buddy. Through informal conversations, a Digital Buddy will help the older people in their community to learn new online skills.
  44. Get involved in a parcel scheme. Refuge runs an emergency parcel scheme targeted at women and children escaping domestic violence.
  45. Bring in treats for the office. Leave treats in the staff room for your work colleagues.
  46. Support a friends startup business. You could do this by promoting their business on social media.
  47. Be thoughtful. Take extra supplies and offer them to your less prepared friends (e.g. sun cream, menstrual products, hair tires, snacks).
  48. Set up your own fundraiser. Anyone can fundraise for a cause through Just Giving.
  49. Give heartfelt cards. Instead of giving a generic birthday or Christmas card, give friends and family a more meaningful card with a personalised message.
  50. Buy a life-saving gift. You can buy someone a flock of chickens or a camel, or textbooks or dinners for a third world school. You could even buy the gift in someone else’s name for their birthday or ask friends to buy one for your birthday.
  51. Send a thank you email. Notice the small acts of kindness that others do for you an thank them for it.
  52. Be kind to yourself. Take part in a 7 day self-kindness challenge. You could write down 3 things you’re good at, 3 things you’re grateful for, and 3 things you’re looking forward to.

More acts of kindness

We hope that you’re feeling inspired to start putting your random acts of kindness into practice. Here are some more ideas to help you do good.

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