UK Bloggers Share their Top Money Saving Tips

Spending less is an important part of having more money. Regardless of your financial position there are always ways to earn more and spend less. I believe that financial security is an important aspect to living your best life. It’s for this reason that I’ve been sharing my money making and saving tips online for the past 3 years over on But I wanted to share what some of the UK’s top bloggers had to say about saving money.

Here are 10 tips for saving money as shared by UK bloggers.

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Budget – Elysia

“Budget. I can’t stress this enough! Once you know what you’re spending each month, you can start to put a little bit aside to build up your savings.” Elysia (

Start small – lUcy

“It might only be £1 you can afford today but £1 once a week is £52 a year, in 10 years time that’s £520. Start out small and the savings will only grow.“ Lucy (

Track your spending – Jaclyn

“Keep track of your spending each month. It allows you to see where your money is going and where you need to cut down. It’s helped me to make changes to my spending habits. Also having a goal in mind to save towards (like a holiday, home improvements etc) is a good way to focus on spending less and saving more.“ Jaclyn (

Assess your reason for buying – Nell

“Every time I’m about to spend money, even a really small amount, I ask myself whether the purchase fits into either of two categories: necessity (bills, food, travel to work) or joy (will this purchase bring me joy). For example, if I’m buying an expensive coffee out of habit then that doesn’t count as joy or necessity, but if I’m spending money on a takeaway that I’m going to really enjoy whilst sitting in my PJs watching a movie then that’s joy! Anything I save through this assessment I’ll pop into my savings account.” Nell (

Never pay full priCe – Gill

“When shopping online, if possible don’t buy things at full price, use sites like TopCashback, Quidco, Airtime Rewards, Groupon etc for discount codes or cashback when shopping online. Subscribe to emails for your first order as you usually get a discount, you can always unsubscribe after. If you’re a student, sign up to all the student discount sites – UNiDAYS, StudentBeans, NUS/TOTUM etc to get student discount.” Gill (

Make a shopping list – Rebecca

“When it comes to shopping (whether that is grocery shopping or any other type of shopping), write a list and stick to it. It can be so tempting to add extra things to your physical or online basket especially in the current climate where lots of us stuck at home are ordering online. With a list in front of you, you can be stricter with yourself and remind yourself that you don’t need that item otherwise it would be on the actual list!“ Rebecca (

Pay off debts – Nicky

“Focus on paying off your debts first (other than student loans), then save money after. Put some money into a savings account as soon as you get paid and try to be realistic so you don’t dip into it.” Nicky (

Shop for the best interest rates – Georgia

“Don’t be afraid to move your money between savings accounts that offer better interest rates. If you don’t want to close an account, leave a small amount like £1 there and you can come back to it if the rates improve.” Georgia (

Automate your savings – Deanna

“I use an app that ‘rounds up’ my spending. I’m terrible at saving money, but this way you barely notice it leaving your account. It’s like secret savings and it quickly adds up. I also put money aside on pay day so I don’t spend all my money and try to save at the end of the month!“ Deanna (

Live for now – Hayley

“Save what you can but don’t be afraid to dip into those savings if you need to. It is better to live happy on the now than to be miserable and surrounded by expensive things.“ Hayley (

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Id like to say a massive thank you to the bloggers mentioned above for sharing their money saving tips with me. I’d love to know your money saving hacks – please do comment them below.

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