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Having a fulfilling career has to be a top priority when it comes to living your best life. Regardless of where you are in your career, it’s never too late to progress, change paths or take a completely different direction. I’m only at the start of my career which is why I’ve asked some of the best UK bloggers from a variety of different backgrounds and careers to share their best career advice. Keep reading to get your fix of career motivation.

Career tips

Gill: Accept Training Opportunities

“Get all the training you can in your workplace if they offer it even if it’s not strictly relevant to your role, you don’t know when it will come in useful or what doors it can open up in the future.“ – Gill the Glasgow Girl

There’s something to be learned in every training opportunity. Even if the course isn’t something that immediately interests you, pay attention and network, your future self will thank you for it.

Sam: Ask for feedback

“If your manager isn’t giving you feedback, ask for it. Show enthusiasm, ask questions and never worry about “being annoying.” If you ask for help and don’t receive it, move on. Life is too short to waste your time in a job that doesn’t value you.“ – Sam from Griff Blog

It is literally your managers job to provide you with feedback and help you to develop. It’s worth collecting feedback from managers, colleagues, as well as the people you manage, they will all have different perspectives that could help you to develop.

Natalia: Choose the company, not the job

“The company you work for is often more important than the job you are doing. If you get your foot though the door of an amazing business then you can always move around to a role better suited to you.” – Natalia from British Style UK

There’s nothing worse than working in an awful organisation. Before I apply for any job I research the company (and company values) in detail. A great workplace will allow you to learn, address weaknesses and find your place in the working world.

Georgia: Get the right balance

“A work/life balance is the most crucial aspect of a successful career. You might think putting long hours in will make a difference, but what’s more important is your wellbeing in your role. Your employer will notice this, and I’ve seen a poor work/life balance cause people to lose out on promotions.” – Georgia from Brit Voyage

It’s impossible to perform to your full potential if you don’t look after your personal well-being. Give yourself the self respect you deserve and take a deserved break. Taking a break might also offer you a fresh perspective on work challenges too.

Deanna: It’s not all about the money

“Money is not the answer. If you go looking for the highest paid job you’ll quickly be miserable. You need to find balance, a good salary and a job you love. Promotions and money will come with experience. You can’t buy job satisfaction.” – Deanna Francesca

When I was at the very beginning of my career my dad told me that I would never work a day in my life if I chose a career that I enjoyed. I absolutely believe that salary is far less important that job satisfaction.

Nell there’s no rush

“Don’t worry if you don’t have it all worked out or don’t have a career plan. It’s absolutely fine to change career a few times, and there’s no rush to work out what you want to do in life. It’s taken me a few career changes to find my passion, and there’s no age limit on doing that!” – Nell from Adventure with Nell

I needed this advice! We spend the majority of our lives working so sticking to the same career our whole lives doesn’t sound that fun. Maybe you haven’t found that dream career but that’s alright, enjoy the journey.

Christina: Never Give Up

“Don’t give up when you get turned down for a job, maybe it wasn’t meant to be for you. Instead, ask for a detailed feedback and don’t settle for the standard answer. Also make sure your CV is up to date by adding extra courses and other skills you might have developed recently.“ – Christina from Iconic Magazine Online

If you never give up and carry on developing your skills, eventually a hiring team will appreciate your work ethic. In the meantime keep working towards that dream career and gaining invaluable experience.

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