UK Bloggers Share Their Top Dating Tips

Looking for some help in the dating department? I’ve asked some of the UK’s best bloggers to share their top dating tips for finding love.

Whether you’re looking to improve your dating game or find the love of your life these tips will help you on your journey to dating success.

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Deanna: Date Yourself First

“Know yourself first. I spent a whole year not dating (not on purpose) and just living my life and doing whatever I wanted. It helped me grow and understand what I was looking for. It sounds cheesy but date yourself first. Go out shopping alone, to the spa, take a trip, go out for meals. The better you know yourself the more you’ll attract the type of person that will be right for you.” – Deanna Francesca

In order to find the right person for you, you need to know who you are first. Learn to love spending time on your own. Focus on loving yourself before anyone else.

Christina: First impressions are important

“Always arrive on time or early. And because body language is the second thing we notice on a date, don’t be defensive or intrusive. It’s best to build the relationship slowly instead of pretending that you already them.“ – Christina from Iconic Magazine Online

As Christina says, do your best to arrive on time. Smile, be friendly, make lots of eye contact and make physical contact where appropriate (hugs, arm touches, etc.). It takes less than 1/10th of a second to form an assessment of someone’s face so that first impression is important if you what a second date.

Lucy: Trust your intuition

“If you get a bad feeling or you’re uncomfortable, don’t go back for a second date. If you can’t stop smiling then cherish that relationship.” – Lucy from Titchy Princess

You need to listen to your gut when deciding how much you like someone. Take notice of any red flags, recognise the little things. We’re they polite to the restaurant/bar staff? Do they make the effort to make you feel comfortable? How do they speak about their family and friends? It’s likely that they’ll be showing the best version of themselves on your date so if they aren’t respectful now, they aren’t likely to be later.

Sam: Don’t “play it cool”

“Don’t wait for them to make the first move. It’s scary, but if they say no then at least you know sooner rather than later. Clear communication is key.“ – Sam from Griff Blog

There’s nothing worse than not knowing where you stand. Don’t wait for someone else to make all the moves. Express how you feel, ask the important questions, and put yourself out there.

Marina: Be Patient

“Dating is all about patience. If you try and rush things, desperately trying to get yourself out there on apps and falling “in love” with the first person you meet, it’ll all fall apart as you’ll realise in time you were merely with them because you wanted to feel that presence of somebody in your life. Whilst that’s completely understandable (we all crave that feeling), it’s so much better to bide your time and allow for things to happen slowly and naturally – that way, it ensures that the person you end up finding is the right one and that you won’t return back to square one.” – Marina from Marina Writes Life

Nell: Find someone with the same values as you

“Focus on finding someone will the same values as you over everything else. They might be attractive, make you laugh and earn a load of money, but when things get tough in the long term and you have to make decisions together, you need to value the same things in life.” – Nell from Adventures with Nell

I have to agree with Nell. Money and attractiveness can only go so far, if they don’t have the same values as you then it’s unlikely to work. Here are some topics that are worth discussing with your potential partner before getting into anything too serious:

  • Family values
  • Political opinions
  • Hopes for the future

Elysia: Don’t Settle

“Don’t just go out with someone because they are the only one who paid attention. If there’s no spark or you have any worries, nope out of there!“ – Elysia from Becoming Elysia

You owe it to your future self to not settle. Looking at things from a different perspective can be a good option if you’re having bad luck in the dating department. Consider how you’d feel if your parent/child/friend was dating someone like your date, would you be happy for them?

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