22 Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol

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Going for drinks on a first date has it perks, for example, providing a little social lubrication. But alcohol definitely isn’t a necessity when it comes to dating. Here are some date ideas that don’t involve alcohol.

I’ve split these date ideas into “outdoor” and “indoor” activities to help you pick out something more suited to you and your partner. If you’re meeting your date for the first time please also ensure that you stay safe (and meet in a public place).


  1. Movie Marathon – Get some blankets, buy some cheap popcorn, get cozy and enjoy a movie night for 2.
  2. Board Game Night – Challenge your partner to a game of monopoly, winner picks their reward!
  3. Time Capsule –Create a time capsule of all the photos, tickets and keepsakes throughout your relationship.
  4. Spa night – Light some candles, run a hot bath, and take turns giving each other a back massage!
  5. Mutual bucket list. Make a bucket list of activities that you’d like to do together.
  6. Book club. Not seeing your partner for a few days? Challenge them to read the same book as you and share your thoughts next time you see each other.
  7. Romanic meal for 2. Treat your date by cooking their favourite meal from scratch.
  8. Drawing challenge. Express your inner creative and draw each other, best drawing wins a prize!
  9. Gym date. Get your blood pumping and show off your muscles by heading to the gym together.
  10. Visit a local art gallery or museum. Museums and art galleries make great date locations as there’s loads of visual stimulation to talk about!
  11. Take a class together. Find something that you’d both like to learn like a language or a musical instrument and take a class together.


  1. Backyard bonfire – There is something romantic about a burning fire. Build a bonfire in your backyard and warm up
    some hot chocolate.
  2. Crazy golf. Visit your local crazy gold venue or create your own back garden course.
  3. Camping. Explore nature and get your tent, sleeping bag and wellies at the ready for a night under the stars.
  4. Hiking. Walking is not only great for your health but studies show that walking side by side with someone makes it easier for them to open up.
  5. Walk in the park. Parks make great date locations, push each other on the swings, race up the climbing frame and go down the slides together.
  6. Boat trip. Find a local lake or river and go on a romantic boat trip together.
  7. Tour guide. Take them to somewhere you know tons about and give them a guided tour.
  8. Fruit picking. Find a local farm that lets you pick your own fruit and go fruit picking together.
  9. Visit an arcade. Challenge your date on all the 2 player games and keep score for a prize/forfeit at the end.
  10. Road trip. Visit a local town or city that you’ve both never been too before.
  11. Bike ride. If you don’t have a bike you could look at renting them out for the date. Pro tips: plan your route ahead of your bike ride.

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Good luck on your date!

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